יום חמישי, 6 בדצמבר 2012


Take divorce. Who gains from a divorce? The husband loses his wife. The wife loses her husband. The children lose a stable home and often suffer from great emotional anguish and have to go through therapy. Come to think of it - the husband and wife ALSO suffer great emotional anguish and require therapy. Who is bringing this anguish upon them?



Why would someone do that to themselves and their poor guiltless children?

But they are having trouble getting along? Well, instead of splitting up they can both change! They got married for a reason. There are obviously qualities in the other person that each side finds attractive. That is why they married. Now that not such great things have come out they can work through it. People, rational people, can change.

Some say "I am no longer in love". MY rational mind says that one has no right to harm other people because "he/she is no longer in love". So be married anyway. Really. You don't have to be infatuated with your spouse. Also, love comes and goes. Today she isn't in love with him, maybe tomorrow she will be. Feelings are fickle.

OF COURSE there are instances when divorces are justified. Sometimes a spouse is abusive or unfaithful etc. Definitely. The rational mind says that in extreme cases a couple should split up. Some people are just unbearable to live with. But I am talking about regular run of the mill cases. In such instances people often act irrationally and split up. If both partners would be rational and resolve to make it work - it will.

So as difficult as it was to make peace between two one year old's it is no less difficult to make peace between two educated intelligent adults.

Actually - it is often more difficult.

So sweet friends - this was just an example. There are many more. Our job is to make sure that our logic reigns supreme and we therefore live lives of virtue, goodness and love. The mind tells the heart what the proper path is and the heart goes along for the journey.

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