יום חמישי, 6 בדצמבר 2012

From Diapers To Marriage

The only time a woman really succeeds in changing a man is when he is a baby."

Ladies!!! Please! If you are married you probably noticed some things about your husband which are not to your liking and you would like to change.

Despair is usually not a good thing to have. In this instance it is! Give it up. He is who he is.

Step #2: But you are annoyed! What do you do? OHHHH, can't cover that in one post. But one small piece of advice. Find out from your husband what YOU CAN DO to make him happy. Then consistently do those things. MAKE HIM FEEL LOVED. He needs it. Ask for nothing in return. As he gets more loving and appreciative of you, drop subtle hints as to what makes YOU happy. If he is a mentsch he will not disappoint.

Many make the mistake and think that by constantly criticizing they will get the spouse they want.


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