יום חמישי, 6 בדצמבר 2012

Forever Growing In Love

Today I sent an email to a friend about the importance of love.

I dedicate this to him and hope that this quote resonates with him and the many others who read it.

In discussing love, it would be well to consider the following premises;

One cannot give what he does not possess. Too give love you must possess love.
One cannot teach what he does not understand. To teach love, you must comprehend love.
One cannot know what he does not study. To study love, you must live in love.
One cannot appreciate what he does not recognize. To recognize love you must be receptive to love.
One cannot have doubt about that which he wishes to trust. To trust love you must be convinced of love.
One cannot admit what he does not yield to. To yield to love you must be vulnerable to love.
One cannot live what he does not dedicate himself to. To dedicate yourself to love you must be forever growing in love

Leo F. Buscaglia
Source: Love : What Life Is All About, Page: 36

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