יום חמישי, 11 באפריל 2013

How To Win An Argument

How do you win an argument with your spouse?

It is VERRRRY easy:).

Try this.

"You are right".

That's all.

Step into his/her shoes, try to see where he/she is coming from, find the validity in their claim [every claim has some basis - even if it is merely the fact that the other person FEELS a certain way] and share your findings with them.

Now that you have done that your spouse will like you MUCH more than he did a minute ago and an amazing thing will PROBABLY happen - he will be much more receptive to your side.

If you are reading this you are PROBABLY Jewish. We have a halachic concept that can and should be applied to most spousal differences: אלו ואלו. These and these are the words of the Living G-d. Both opinions have validity and your job is to find it and come to a mutually satisfying solution.

But what if there is a practical issue at stake? How do you decide who to "pasken" like?

THAT - is a good question for a future post BEZ"H!!:) 

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